5 multi platform alternatives to Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best desktop clients to manage the amount of emails we receive every day, thanks to its features that allow us to customize as much as possible the way in which we receive and manage our mailbox and through its symbiosis with other products of the Office suite.

But not everyone loves Outlook or not everyone wants to sign up for an annual subscription in order to manage their emails or even, as in the case of users of Gnu / Linux systems, not everyone can simply install and use Outlook.

In the event that, for one reason or another, Outlook is not for us, we must not despair, there are in fact other alternatives, in some cases even better, in order to better manage our e-mail.

Let's see together some of these alternatives and their strengths compared to Microsoft Outlook.

eM Client

Available for Windows and Mac Os


If you do not have many email accounts to manage, eM Client is a great and free desktop app to manage your mailbox.

eM Client has a modern and intuitive interface.

Allows you to view, if we have multiple email addresses, the accounts separately or in a kind of universal inbox in which all the emails received are aggregated.

Its clean and compact interface makes it very easy to manage emails and folders are also easily managed through a special side panel.

It also offers excellent integration with both contacts and calendar, making it a very complete app.

Its clean and modern interface makes it attractive in comparison to other email clients who have a dated look. It is for those who love black, there is also an option to activate a dark mode.

The only flaw is that the free version allows the use of only two email accounts, if we want to use more we have to buy an unlimited license from the cost of $ 50.

If you do not use more than two email addresses, eM Client is an excellent solution for managing your emails productively and with a clean and modern interface.

Download eM Client

Mozilla Thunderbird

Available for Windows, Mac Os and Linux.


While some of the names on this list may be new, Thunderbird is a name you've probably heard before.

Mozilla Thunderbird is probably the best known open source alternative to Microsoft Outlook.

Thunderbird has been around for a long time but it still continues to impress is to be a more than valid software.

Thunderbird does not place any limitations on usable email addresses, it has many plugins that can be added easily and quickly and expand its functionality.

Graphically, even if there are some themes, it may appear dated compared to other software, but it seems that an update is coming that will solve this hitch and make the whole interface a bit more modern.

This application has many features and through plugins you can add more, if this on one side is a merit on the other can also be considered a deferment as many of the options are not exactly intuitive to manage.

Although it has some flaws, Thunderbird fully deserves its crown of best alternative mail client to Outlook.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird

Windows Mail

Available for Windows 10 only


Windows Mail is designed for those who want to keep things super simple and with a minimal interface.

Windows Mail is the new email client integrated into Windows 10.

On the plus side I could mention the ease of synchronization with the various email services and the native integration with notifications and live tiles of Windows 10.

It is not a complete software, rather, it can be considered a software for the management of mails reduced to the bone. But if you have never used advanced settings and you do not want advanced features, but you only need to read and reply to emails, then this is the software that can do for you.

You can not download Windows Mail as it is a software integrated directly into Windows 10.

Zimbra Desktop

Available for Windows, Mac Os and Linux


Zimbra Desktop is another excellent open source software, less famous than Mozilla Thunderbird, but is also listed among the veterans of email clients.

The look and feel is at least very retro (not to say that it is dated).

It uses a three-panel structure and has a top bar that allows access to the calendar and contacts.

Synchronization level has no problems with any service and works flawlessly.

The real and big problem is due to the interface that, however functional, now shows the years.

Zimbra Desktop is an app to try if you already use other Zimbra services or if you are a veteran of email clients you find the paradigms of using its interface more productive than other software.

Download Zimbra Desktop


Available for Windows


If you are one of those Windows users who have always loved the style of the Apple software interface, you do not have to look any further, Mailbird is the right software for you.

In fact, Mailbird is very much inspired by the Mail client of the bitten apple.

The Lite version of Mailbird is free but has the possibility of being used to synchronize only 3 email addresses.

Although it is not a software that offers many features, some may even be interesting, such as the ability to sync with Facebook to populate our contacts with photos taken by the social network of Zuckerberg, as well as a good integration with some chat services such as Slack and WhatsApp.

Mailbird is a good email client, to be definitely tested for those who love the Apple style and want to integrate and interact not only with email but also through chat with their contacts.

Download Mailbird


Depending on what your needs are, one of these software can be for you, or, as many do, you can continue to use the web client of your e-mail service. It always depends on the individual needs of everyone. However if you want some kind of local backup of your emails and to be able to write and manage the mail even on the axis of an internet connection, a desktop client is still a good and sensible choice.

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