7 good reasons to use a VPN

If you're a regular user, or rather a normal citizen, and you think you do not need a VPN service for your everyday activities on the internet, chances are you're thinking wrong.

A VPN can help us access the sites or services that are restricted in your country, save us from the risks of hacking when using public Wi-Fi, etc.

Furthermore, one VPN gives you greater control over your privacy, which is a basic human right but we often forget about it.

After the revelations of Edward Snowden and the even more recent revelations made by Wikileaks, which have demonstrated to the world the mass surveillance practices that are used by governments, issues related to security and cryptography have become very hot topics of discussion in the entire technological world.

But from the point of view of the common user or the ordinary citizen, what are the possible measures that can be taken to safeguard the privacy of our online everyday view?

A first useful step is already to not enter passwords or sensitive data on sites that are not encrypted by HTTPS.

But even if this is useful for safeguarding our credentials, this does not stop our ISP from knowing the sites we are visiting.

This situation of over-control by the nation states and the various entities that make money with our data, needs countermeasures such as VPN.

For those who did not know, the VPN they can be considered as private and controlled networks that allow us access to the Internet.

Our connection to the VPN server is encrypted, the network is secure, and it is much more difficult for ISPs and for the various commercial activities to track our behavior on the internet.

But after this brief introduction we go to see the reasons why it is important to use a VPN in our everyday life.

1 Hiding our Internet activity from ISPs and commercial companies.

I do not think it is necessary to go beyond the title of this first reason, our ISP or commercial companies live thanks to our information that we leave every day on the internet.

The sites we display, the people we contact, the documents we read are all useful for creating a psychological profile of ourselves, which then turns into an economic profile, as we are presented with services and products that may interest us.

Although for some people this may seem like a good idea, we do not know exactly how these companies manage our data and this is not good.

We have to trust the words of these companies but can we really trust them? I'll leave the answer to you.

As far as ISPs are concerned, the situation is much more nebulous than commercial companies, as it is not really known how individual managers manage this sensitive data.

Besides now in Trump's America, ISPs can sell data to companies.

If this does not scare you, I think you have to leave the Xanax because you take too much of it.

2 Bypass the censorship of your government.

Several nations do not believe that the Internet should be offered free and open to its citizens.

The big Chinese firewall is one of these examples, but not the only one.

In fact, there is no need to bother our almond-eyed friends to get examples of censorship, even our nation in its small, try to censor when it can.

The various streaming sites, Pirate Bay, are just some of the examples of censorship also present in Italy.

A VPN it can be a solution to break down these barriers.

3 Use public Wi-Fi without major risks.

Each of us loves things for free, I do not think there is doubt about this.

The same happens when the internet is offered to us free from our favorite restaurant, or while we are at the airport.

When we find an open public network, we connect without hesitation.

But do you know that these connections are not secure for entering confidential data?

Do you know who controls or can read your data?

Do you know that the network you are connecting to may have been specially created by your neighbor at the table to steal your own?

Well, if you did not know it now, you can have more awareness of it.

4 Make your VOIP calls secure.

VOIP, or Voice-Over-IP, is an inexpensive way to make phone calls over the internet.

But VOIP services can be compromised by people with bad intentions and with the knowledge of how Internet architecture works.

In these cases, using a VPN service can be very useful.

Although the use of a VPN in this specific case can lead to a slight lowering of call quality.

5 Do not get tracked by Google.

Although this speech was taken up in the first point, as Google is a commercial company, I wanted to reiterate it again because Google and its services are among the most used in the world.

If you are used to using Google and its services and you can not detach yourself, you must be aware that Google saves all your research, movement, activities, downloads, etc.

And not only that, but thanks to Chrome and Android also the names of the Wi-Fi where we connect and the access data to the sites we visit are saved on Big G. servers.

A VPN in this case can help, and it can help if you already manage at least to abandon its search system to turn to open source solutions that protect your privacy as DuckDuckGo.

6 Download torrent files.

Each of us has in his digital life definitely met and downloaded a torrent file.

Although most users use the best known websites to download movies and music, there are many other users who use torrents to download fully legal content.

It is well known, however, that many ISPs do not look favorably at downloading torrents and in addition to filtering connections, thus lowering the quality of the service offered, they can often report this activity to governments or companies that deal with copyright.

So putting us in a sort of blacklist.

Also in this case the use of one VPN it can come in handy.

7 Privacy is a right.

Among all the reasons we have seen this is the most important and is however closely related to all the other reasons.

Nowadays, the use of VPN it is growing rapidly and is becoming a basic security practice for today's Internet users.

I think our tendencies, our tastes, our "vices" must remain ours, as they are part of what we are.

They are an integral part of our character and our lives and I am not pleased to know that someone can access my data and use it for their own purposes without having my permission.

If I want to share information I have to be free to choose what to share and what not.

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