9 free alternatives to Google Drive on Linux

Google Drive It is one of the best known cloud storage solutions in the computing world, and is used every day by millions of people around the world.

GNU / Linux users, however, have some difficulties in using the service made in Google as there is no official client but there are still third-party solutions such as Insync.

But as far as Google Drive can be famous, it's not the only solution.

In this short article we will go to see the other solutions that are available and which also have an official client for the Penguin distros.

1 Dropbox

Dropbox It is probably one of the best known and used cloud storage services in the world and is a valid alternative, and in some ways even better than Google Drive.

For basic accounts, the free one, you have about 6 GB of space available but you can expand this space available up to a maximum of 16 GB through a referral program.

2 SpiderOak

SpiderOak is an encrypted cloud storage service that, in addition to allowing access to data, also allows the use of an integrated group chat system and the ability to share files securely.

The space available to the user, however, is really minimal as it is only 2 GB.

If you do not have great needs and want a very secure system that integrates perfectly with your Linux box, SpiderOak can be a great solution.

3 Mega

Mega it's another good service to use in place of Google Drive. Integrate a good encryption system, you do not have SpiderOak levels, and offers 50 GB of free space.

Your desktop client is a bit heavy and can have enough influence on your PC's performance.

But if you have a powerful enough computer and a good internet connection this should not be a big deal.

His desktop client currently supports Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Fedora.

4 Tonido

Tonido is a cloud storage service that allows you to save your files in the cloud and make them remotely accessible securely via an easy-to-remember link, for example "http://john.tonidoID.com".

This could be an interesting solution if you want a personal cloud server where the files reside on your computer and not on a third-party server.

5 pCloud

pCloud allows you to use files directly from the desktop and is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

The free plan provides 10 GB of space and the ability to add an additional 10 GB through a referral system.

6 CloudMe

CloudMe offers users a virtual desktop with a free space of 19 GB.

Thanks to its client application available for all major operating systems your documents will always be organized as you have left them even when you access your account from other devices.

7 NextCloud

Nextcloud is an Open Source cloud storage service that allows you to back up your files securely in the cloud and allows access through private links.

Its desktop application is available for all major GNU / Linux systems.

8 OwnCloud

ownCloud allows data synchronization with the cloud in an easy and secure way and also allows access to files that have been shared with you by Dropbox.

As with most cloud storage services, Owncloud also has a premium edition that allows you to have more granular control over your files.

9 StoAmigo

StoAmigo offers 2 GB of free space available to the user, has a well-made UI and also has the ability to integrate Dropbox directly into the client, thus allowing a fast file exchange between the two platforms.

These are just some of the best known alternatives to Google Drive, since almost every day new startups are born, centered around cloud storage, as this is the one that most represents the future, have their personal files or work always with self.

Although cloud storage is a convenient system, remember that there are always risks that your data is compromised.

So I advise you not to put your most important data online and if you really need to do it, always encrypt your files, security is never too much.

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