Who decides which websites we need to visit?

Now there is a lot of talk about fake news and of the fact that most people live in a kind of echo chamber online.

Companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and many others use our profile to filter the results that show us, in their research and not only, based on what they think are the content that interests us most and on which it is more We'll probably make a nice click.

This "method" It is commonly known as Filter Bubble or Filtering bubble in Italian.

This is nothing more than a form of corporate censorship that can be used to influence public opinion (though often unintentionally), such as during election elections, or on certain issues that often have a strong emotional impact. and social, and it is in these periods that fake news circulates more.

I recommend a nice Eli Parsier TED talk that talks about the way we come every day "Censored" from this type of corporate "behavior".


For how much this kind of behavior can be sold as a sort of comfort, and totally wrong.

We have to decide who, what and when to get access to certain information and there should be no one else doing this kind of choices for us.

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