How to configure Iliad APNs on Android

Many users have moved to Iliad since it arrived in Italy and still today many people choose to leave their old manager to switch to the new French manager.

Over time many smartphones will have the default configuration and then the phone will be configured automatically, but today not all smartphones have the ability to configure themselves.

For this reason, in this guide we will see how to set up Iliad APNs inside our smartphone, both in automatic mode and through manual configuration.

1 Automatic configuration via SMS

A faster way to configure Iliad APNs automatically and via a self-configuring SMS message.

You should receive this text message automatically as soon as you insert the Iliad card into your device.

If in case we did not receive it just send a message to the number 2049 with the text conf. Soon we should receive a text message to which we should consent to the installation of the profile on our device.

2 Automatic configuration via link

Another easy way is to visit the link from our smartphone

It must be said that this method does not work with all smartphones, but it is still worth trying as it is very easy to do this.

3 Automatic configuration via the Android app

Only for Android smartphones and tablets exists an official app (Mobile Config) that is possible download from the Play Store (logically via Wi-Fi or via a second SIM).

Once downloaded the app the procedure is very simple, just start the app (the Iliad SIM must have been already inserted in our device) and all data will be set automatically by the application. The operation takes a few seconds and then we just reboot the device. At this point the settings should be present and therefore browsing via SIM should be available.

4 Manual configuration on Android

The last method we're going to see for Android devices is to enter Iliad APN data manually.

It should be borne in mind that the menu items are different depending on the device model used but broadly the steps should be as follows:

Let's go to Settings> Network and Internet> Mobile Network> Access Point Names.

Alternatively, the simplest and fastest method is to search, through the search bar of the settings, the entry APN or if not present, the entry Access point names.Once we have entered the menu we can create a new APN going to press the + i button on the three points at the top right.

The data to be entered in the individual fields are as follows:

Name: iliad
APN: iliad
MMS Center:
MCC: 222
MNC: 50
APN type: default, mms
MVNO value: F003

If the last two items are not present, it does not do anything, moreover, as regards the APN Type entry, you can also leave the field empty.

At this point just save and you're done.

The connection should be immediately active.

However in case, for safety, we do a restart of the device.

As we have seen, there are several methods and ways to set up Iliad's APNs on our Android device.

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