How to check if the web connection is secure

There are things that are easily underestimated.

One of these things is definitely the exceptionality of having connections to the encrypted websites.

Although it may not sound very exciting, it actually is.

Without secure connections, our financial details, our medical data and everything else would be easily visible to internet providers or even someone (with the necessary skills) who use our own network.

This type of interception, therefore, is prevented thanks to the use of a secure connection.

When a secure connection is used only the domain name of the website is visible to others (for example only the "" part, and not the content of the page itself, or any other data, such as search terms on a search engine or passwords that we insert in a certain text field.

So, as long as we use an encrypted connection, anything after the domain name can not be seen by anyone else between us and the website.

If we want to explain it with a more practical metaphor, it's like when we're at the airport, everyone can read the tag with our name on the suitcase, but the contents of the suitcase itself can not be seen by other travelers.

While, always continuing with the same metaphor, if the connection was not encrypted, and as if our suitcase was transparent and everyone could see what it contains.

But how can you be sure that you are using a secure connection?

Unfortunately this all depends on the websites that have to support this feature, but fortunately it is very easy to check if this is the case.

Just check that there is a padlock in the address bar at the top or the text is present https(instead of the classic http) next to the site name.

Furthermore, to make this recognition easier, most browsers have implemented a warning system when navigating a site "not sure".

The fact that security and privacy are increasingly being taken into consideration, has made sure that over 60% web traffic is secure.

In other words, most of the websites we visit use a secure connection.

However, not all websites send their secure version by default, so you have to be careful and use an extension like HTTPS Everywhere, which forces the use of a secure connection.

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