How to create a retrogaming console with Lakka Linux

It often happens that when buying a new computer the old man is left standing still to take dust, when instead it could be used for something better.

Many know that there are Linux distributions specifically designed to revive old computers to be used on the Raspberry Pibut perhaps what many do not know is that there is a Linux distribution expressly designed to turn our old computer into a retrogaming console.

This distro is called Lakka.

Lakka is a light distro that allows you to turn your old computer or a low-end device like a Raspberry Pi into a complete retrogaming console.

This distro has an interface and experience similar to that of the Playstation and Xbox, thus bringing the user experience of these interfaces on a retrogaming console.

Lakka is the official distribution of RetroArch and of the ecosystem Libretro.

For those who have never heard of it, RetroArch is a frontend for the emulators and graphics engines of old games.


The interface you just saw in the video above is simply RetroArch.

Lakka offers the Libretro core together with RetroArch. This way we can have a preconfigured operating system that can be installed or operated via a live USB.

This distribution is very light and can be installed on most old systems or on single board computers like the Raspberry Pi.

It supports an impressive number of emulators.

Simply download the ROMs on the distro and Lakka will allow us to play these games in an easy way.

In This Page you can find a list of emulators and supported hardware.

Lakka therefore allows us to play a large number of classic games on a wide range of devices through a simple and light graphic interface.

In addition, the settings are unified, so changes are made only once and work for all emulators.

This is an advantage not a little, when you do not have to waste time refining the settings for each single emulator.

But let's see what are the main features of Lakka:

  • Playstation-like interface with RetroArch
  • Support for a large number of emulators
  • Support multi-player, up to 5, on the same device
  • Saving game progress at any time
  • Ability to improve the graphic quality of old games through different graphic filters
  • Ability to participate in multiplayer games through the network
  • Support out of the box to a good number of joypads like Dualshock 3 and XBOX 360
  • Possibility of acquiring trophies and badges by connecting to RetroAchievements

If all this interests you and you want to try to install this interesting distro, you must know that Lakka is still under development and there may be bugs here and there, even if from my tests I have not found any problem that prevents the proper operation.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Lakka only supports MBR partitioning.

So if in case, during the installation does not see our hard disk the problem could be just that.

There is a section with the FAQ on the official website of the project, which allows us to take away some doubts we might have and in case we can always ask for help on official project forum.

If with this article I stimulated your curiosity and you have some old PCs that you want to use, you can download this interesting distro through the button below.

Download Lakka Linux


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