How to be even more anonymous online

Some time ago, we have seen what it is, how it works and why it is useful VPN and what are the 7 good reasons to use one and based on which rules to choose good service.

Use of one VPN to one great intrinsic defect that is the fact that it is managed by a single organization that can potentially monitor or log our traffic.

If you want to try to protect your business more on the Internet you should send traffic through levels of different entities, so that no one can track what we do, not even the provider of the VPN.

There is a technology that does this, and it is called Tor, but it is also known as The Onion Router (in Italian it would be something like "onion router").

Its operation is not complex, but let's see how it works.

Tor it works differently than one VPN.

Let's imagine we want to send an anonymous letter. You could use a courier that we trust and tell him to deliver it without anyone else knowing it and without revealing our identity.

This is how one works VPN.

Alternatively, you could instead use the regular postal service, leaving the letter in a mailbox, from where the letter would be sent to several post offices until it reaches the destination.

This is roughly the operation of Tor.

So it is quite logical that since there is no intermediary, the method used by Tor and better for our purpose.

If this is the case, e Tor it is more useful to remain anonymous online, why do not they all use it?

If we take up the example of delivering the letter we just made, the analogy is that Tor to get there, it does not make the fastest route, but prefers to go all the way more scenic, instead of the fastest road, thus going to lengthen the time for the delivery of our letter.

This lengthening of the route makes browsing on the internet much slower.

To be able to use Tor, you have to connect to Tor network before you start surfing on the internet, much like what happens if we use one VPN.

Although the software of Tor makes this operation much easier than connecting to one VPN, through applications developed specifically for both desktop and mobile, such as:

  • Tor browser : A full browser (based on Mozilla Firefox) for anonymity on the network, available for Windows, Mac OS and GNU / Linux.
  • Orbot : Allows connection to the network Tor from Android, and can be used with any browser.
  • Onion Browser : A browser Tor to be used on devices with Apple's iOS board.

Though Tor can not guarantee complete anonymity, remains the best choice to protect your identity online.

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