How to set up Iliad APNs on iPhone and iPad

After seeing in a previous article, the procedure to set up Iliad APNs on smartphones and tablets equipped with the Android operating system, today we will see how to do this on Apple iPhones and iPads.

Unlike Android, there are no different methods for configuring APNs if they are not configured automatically, but basically there are two.

1 Automatic configuration via SMS

This is a faster way to configure Iliad APNs automatically and via a self-configuring SMS message.

You should receive this text message automatically as soon as you insert the Iliad card into your device.

If in case we did not receive it just send a message to the number 2049 with the text conf. Soon we should receive a text message to which we should consent to the installation of the profile on our device.

2 Manual configuration on iPhone and iPad

If the autoconfiguration message does not work, all that remains is to set the APNs manually.

The operation, as well as for Android devices, is not very complex and takes a few minutes.

In order to set up Iliad APNs, you need to find the appropriate entry in the settings.

You must then go to Settings> Mobile> Cellular data options> Cellular data network and then add a new entry with the following data:

Cellular / APN data: iliad
MMS / APN: iliad
MMS / Maximum MMS size: 200000
Personal hotspot / APN: iliad

At this point just save and you're done.

The connection should be immediately active.

However, for safety, let's restart the device to make sure the settings have been configured correctly.

As we have seen, it is very easy to set up and configure Iliad APNs on Apple devices.

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