How to choose a good VPN

After seeing what is a VPN, today let's see how to choose a good one VPN.

The websites we visit, ours Internet Service Provider (ISP), or any other person (with the necessary skills) connected to our network, can see our online activity through the virtual ID of our computer, the IP address.

Although we think that using the mode incognito can keep us safe, well it's not like that.

The mode incognito it does not keep anything of everything that comes out of our hardware.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN), can already offer a certain degree of anonymity, going to mask the IP address of our computer from prying eyes, except that from those of the VPN provider itself.

There Virtual Private Network offers a sort of secret tunnel between our phone or internet computer, thus going to makes the job much more difficult to any prying eyes.

This is because what we can see is the IP address of the VPN that surfs on the sites and not ours and therefore it will be more difficult to make a connection between us and the navigation data.

After registering for a service VPN and having it enabled on our device, our traffic will be protected.

And note, however, that it is technically possible for our provider VPN spying on and registering our identity on the internet.

For this reason it is very important to choose a VPN provider that you can trust to the fullest.

But how to choose a provider VPN among the thousands that are around on the internet?

The answer is not simple but there are still some guidelines that we can follow when we go to make the choice:

  • Privacy: The first thing to check and what happens to our personal data. It is always advisable to look for providers that do not save and do not share our personal information. For this reason it is necessary to lose some time to read the Privacy Policy of the service we are interested in.
  • Cost: There are some providers VPN offering this type of service for free. But since setting up such a service has costs, if we do not pay it and because the payment logo is most likely our data. For this reason it is always better to choose a paid service and that is in line with our spending budget.
  • Speed: Providers VPN some times they publish their connection speeds, but the best way to stay away from a slow service is to register for a trial period and make different connection and speed tests, to test the performance first, before buying the service .
  • Position: You may prefer to use certain providers VPN that are found in certain states or region, both for a purely speed issue (sometimes if the VPN is closer the speed is better), both for a matter of data privacy (some nations have much more restrictive rules in this field).

There are hundreds of VPN provider around the world and therefore the choice may vary based on what we saw above and what we are looking for and therefore recommend a service in place of another could be wrong.

But if we really do not know what to choose, two good services to start with can be TunnelBear which is also used by many members of the team DuckDuckGo or from ProtonVPN which among other things are the creators of one of the best known encrypted email systems Protonmail.

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