Facebook listen to our phone calls?

This post was born to make a question a little strange that I had been asked a few months ago by a friend.

The question was simple: "I spoke (by phone) with my boyfriend on our next trip to Naples and then I found myself full of offers for hotels and hotels in Naples. Is it possible that someone (Facebook) has heard my call? ".

After reassuring her that it was "pretty" impossible for Facebook to listen to the phone calls of all her users, I told her that other methods had been used to "listen" to her information.

Honestly, I had almost forgotten about this question, until I saw Mark Zuckerberg's 10-hour testimony before the members of the American Senate.

When Senator Peters asked the Facebook CEO, if the smartphone's microphone was used to gather information on users, the good Mark responded with a concise and safe NO.

But what has not come out of these brief discussions is that Facebook does not listen to its users through the microphone because it does not need it.

Although for a long time there was a suspicion that Facebook would listen to its users, I suspect it is been denied formally more than once by the company itself.

In fact some technical investigations have confirmed that you can use the app in "tranquility" without being scared that you use the microphone to listen to our conversations.

So how does Facebook show us the advertising of a specific product right after we talked about it?

How is it possible that you show us advertisements for a product without us searching for it online?

As impossible as it may seem, the answer is there.

Facebook currently uses methods of analysis and invisible surveillance much more invasive.

It's a long list.

Instead of listening to our telephone conversations, Facebook:

  • We track through the buttons I like it that we find around the various websites, regardless of whether we are connected or if we have a Facebook account.
  • It keeps gods shadow profiles on people who do not use Facebook.
  • Save the calls and messages of Android users.
  • Use unique identifiers of our phone through advertising within the app to associate our identity on multiple devices.
  • Track our position and we need advertising based on where we are, where we live and where we work.
  • Track our purchases made in stores to connect online advertising with purchases we make when we are offline.
  • Look at the things we start writing but we do not post to trace ours self-censorship.
  • Colleague our purchases to our Messenger account to allow sellers to send confirmation messages without the user's permission.
  • He bought one VPN for to track what users do in other apps and make disappear competition.
  • Manipulate the News Feed to see if this can make happy or sad.
  • Record patents on new tracking technologies, such as the one that allows to track our position based on the dust on the camera lens of our smartphone.
  • Tracking and analysis methods such as these are not only used to serve advertising, but also serve for "consigliarci "le people that we could know.

So, after reading this long list, the next time you talk about a product or something else by phone, and you see the publicity of the topic of your discussion, do not worry, Facebook does not listen to your phone calls, it does not need, its methods are revealed even better, more subtle but better.


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