Firefox 69 will officially say goodbye to Flash

It was a bit 'of time that we waited but finally came the official confirmation from the Mozilla Foundation, which finally established an official and final deadline regarding the end of the support of Adobe Flash technology and then to the related plugin.

Mozilla's senior Engineering Manager, Jim Mathies, responded to an alert about this topic on the Firefox bug tracker in this way:

According to our roadmap, the Flash plug-in will be deprecated with the arrival of the Firefox nightly 69

Jim Mathies Senior Engineering Manager of Mozilla

Therefore starting from Firefox 69 onwards, the extension of Flash will no longer be officially supported.

The decision taken by the team of Firefox is in line with that of the team of developers of Chrome, they expect to completely abandon Flash by the month of July while the other version of Firefox 69 should arrive in a stable version by September.

So between Chrome and Firefox it is still around 8 months to update any web projects that use Flash to use more modern web technologies like HTML5.

In addition to the end of the support from the browser, the same Adobe plans to completely terminate the support to Flash by 2020.

flash is undergoing, finally, the same fate that has happened to other similar plugins like Silverlight, which was practically the alternative of Microsoft to Flash, and then can go on with greater force the implementation of more modern and open web technologies like 'HTML5.

The Firefox team was among the first to support and commit to implementations of new web technologies based on the HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

The adoption and implementation of these technologies will allow not only to have more advanced features but also to have a greater level of security regarding user data and will also allow to overcome the atavistic problem of the different incompatibilities between various browsers.

Street Mozilla

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