Fish: An alternative shell

Terminal emulators on GNU / Linux systems are commonly in Bash (Bourne Again Shell).

However, nothing prevents you from turning to simpler and more intuitive solutions.

Fish, for example, is one of these.

This shell has been developed since the beginning of 2005 and aims to provide advanced tools in an environment suitable even for beginners.

This approach makes it one of the most flexible and practical shells that exist.

One of the features that makes it particularly appreciable Fish it is its completeness.

For example, we find self-completion options, an environment that can distinguish between commands by color, the ability to take advantage of the Web configuration, and a very easy and convenient syntax to use for creating custom scripts.

All these functions also exist on other shells, but they must be activated later and not everyone has the ability to do it.

FishInstead, he puts them all at once, without forcing us to waste time in the various management menus.

Self-completion works really well and above all it is immediate.

Instead of pressing the button Tab to activate it, it enters the field automatically as soon as you start writing.

You will then notice a series of useful tips to define the various commands you want to give.

The completion engine respects file paths, various command options and your writing style.

FishIn fact, it learns the way we use the instructions over time, immediately suggesting the commands or instructions we use most often.

In order to deepen the operation of this shell is available an excellent online documentation and a good guide with lots of practical examples.

It is very likely that Fish is already available in your package manager, but if not, you can download it from official website of the project.

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