The usefulness of Instagram Stories in social marketing

Of all the social networks available today, Instagram in recent years is becoming one of the most interesting platforms for online marketing.

In addition to being able to present their products in an attractive way, the photo social is a perfect environment to take advantage of influencers who have a large following of followers and who are ready to extend their promotional message to an increasingly high audience.

For some time, in all this system, the potential and centralist of the Instagram Stories is emerging.

For this reason, in this short article we will go to see how to best exploit them for promotional purposes.

1 engagement

Although it is one of the most popular social networks, the use of Instagram today still seems to be quite fragmented.

In fact, if we see the data of some statistics released by the platform itself at the end of 2017, most users use Instagram for about 30 minutes a day.

Given these short timescales it is unlikely that users will give up viewing their friends 'and contacts' feeds and spend their time on a brand account, unless their intention is in fact, in the case of, for example, research. of a specific product.

Given this problem, the Instagram Stories, are presented as an ideal solution to intrigue and capture a potential customer, without forcing him to review all the photos of our portfolio.

Since the stories are content that is easy to access and easy to use, they can be an ideal showcase for representing your business, for example with targeted interventions on a single product or through the publication of a limited-time promotion.

2 History

In order to take full advantage of the potential of the Instagram Stories, it is necessary to tell a story in a clear and concise way.

Since the duration of the stories is limited in time, you need to know how to take advantage of multimedia engagement, using short photos and videos in the best way and so that they are cohesive in telling the story we want.

We must try to make the story as captivating as possible.

For example, it is always good to take care of the images in every detail and to use texts and graphics that are able to capture the attention.

As for the videos these must be of excellent quality, low resolution video or recordings made on the fly, even if they can be good for the profile of an influencer are certainly not suitable to represent a brand.

You can use Instagram Stories in different ways, for example you could tell the experiences of testimonials compared to one of our products.

This type of use works and allows to make the brand more human and also allows other users to more easily recognize themselves in the testimonial and thus helping them to identify more with the product.

3 User-generated content and surveys

One of the most effective methods of transmitting a message or stimulating the memorization of the trademark is to make the user as a simple spectator an active and integral part of communication.

For example, you could use the Instagram Stories to relaunch the content created by the same followers, so that this reaches a greater audience.

In this way, we not only "share" the customer's vision of our product but we encourage it to publish even more content and this to the full advantage of our brand.

Show our followers' satisfaction and attachment to our products and the best way to allow other users to identify with our brand or product.

Logically, before sharing the contents it is always good to ask permission from its creator and check that the material we're going to share does not have any copyright issues.

One last practical use of the Instagram Stories is to use it as easy tools to conduct surveys.

For example, going to propose different answers on individual images and then ask users to express their choice through a comment or using a hashtag.

In this example, the advantage of a similar and double technique, as in addition to allowing interaction with the user, it is also possible to encourage word of mouth through the use of hashtags.

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