The Single Board Computer Database

The Raspberry Pi is a real case study when it gave birth to the current ARM board market and managed to become the ARM board par excellence.

All this was possible thanks to the low price of the device and above all thanks to the great community that was born and grew around the project.

All this has made the making industry one of the most prosperous and prolific in recent years and is constantly expanding. In fact, every day we witness the birth of some new educational project or new IoT solutions, not to mention the back-gaming that has become a real fashion.

But when we talk about Board ARM we're not just talking about Raspberry, even though it's the most famous one.

If today we want to give life to a project based on this type of single board, we are spoiled for choice.

But all this choice, however, also implies a certain difficulty in finding the device that best fits our needs.

And that's why "The Single Board Computer Database" was born.

This archive collects all the models of ARM board on the market and lists them specifying their characteristics and technical specifications so as to make it easier and more intuitive to choose the most suitable device for our project, without having to waste hours between the various communities and specialized sites which are often very dispersive.

The Single Board Computer Database allows us to perform very specific and precise searches, going to set in detail the hardware features that we need for our project.

For example, we can set up a reference architecture, any GPU we need or a certain price or support from certain operating systems (about operating systems I suggest you read this article on 6 light operating systems for the Raspberry Pi) and so on.

As I said, research can be done very precisely.

But in addition to research, the database also allows us to compare multiple boards so you can see the differences in a moment without having to wander through the individual information sheets.

The Single Board Computer Database is a very complete project that is about to become a point of reference in its field.

So if your next project involves the use of an ARM single board it is almost mandatory that you make a jump on the site.



Street The Single Board Computer Database

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