TLP: how to save battery on GNU / Linux

TLP, is a modern and advanced tool that allows you to manage in every detail the whole part related to the power supply of a PC that is a desktop or a laptop with installed GNU / Linux.

Usually it comes with a default configuration that is already optimized to offer maximum autonomy on the machine on which it is installed, so in most cases just install the software and let him do his job.

One of the best aspects of TLP it is its extreme flexibility that allows you to configure the software in the smallest detail.

It is also available for most distributions or in some cases via external repositories.

Two packages are required to use this software TLP is TLP-RDW. The first starts automatically after restarting the system.

However if we want to launch it immediately, just use the command:

sudo tlp start 

The program has two modes of operation: B.C is Battery. The first mode is used when the computer is connected to the mains, while the second is used when in mobility.

TLP is able to switch between these modes completely automatically as soon as the type of power source changes.

Moreover, this software is able to manage also the frequency of the CPU, going to set the various parameters according to the situations of use.

In summary TLP it proves an application that absolutely can not be missing on your PC.

If you want more information about the project you can find more information and installation procedures on the main distro on official website of the project.

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