Gutenberg, the advantages of the new editor

The main editor of WordPress was probably the part of the well-known CMS that has undergone fewer changes over the last few years because according to the developers is a good part of users, it performed very well its tasks.

But another big slice of users started to see the limitations of this solution, especially compared to the editors offered by solutions like Ghost is Medium.

For this reason, basically in order not to lose market share, WordPress developers have decided to redesign and enhance the integrated WordPress editor.

From this work was born the new editor Gutenberg, specially created for WordPress and with one fundamental purpose, namely to make the writing experience on WordPress more fluid and easy.

Although still far from being complete, Gutenberg makes several improvements compared to the classic editor.

For example, the writing experience is much more orderly and less distracting.

A fundamental part of this new experience are the blocks that now allow managing the modified content in a much more complete way than in the past, thanks to new tools such as new types of alignment and mobile-first adaptations dedicated to responsiveness and new controls on images that use the latest CSS3 properties.

These features make Gutenberg much more functional on mobile devices.

Editing or creating an article on the fly using a smartphone is now much easier and more immediate.

Gutenberg was created through WordPress's Rest API and thanks to a Javascript engine that uses the features of the React framework.

In official page a large amount of information on the new editor can be found by project.

If you are interested in informing yourself more about this new editor you will find detailed documentation as well as live demos and video tutorials, as well as the inevitable updates on the latest releases.

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